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Yuchen Laoyang's team:

The same words and "feather", a good "morning" to buy a home! Director of operations and company founder Yu Chen was elected as one of the top ten outstanding women in BC, Canada in 2012;

In 2013, he won the Gold Broker Award of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Bureau;

In 2016, he won the Canadian Global Chinese Women's Association Community Special Contribution Award; in 2017, he was awarded the top 200 real estate brokers in Canada;

2014-2021 won the Greater Vancouver Top Gold Team Award (the first TOP 1); 2015-2021 won the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Bureau Team President Award.

Atmospheric life, exquisite work! The star real estate agent of Wanjia Real Estate, Lao Yang, has a simple, free and easy-going personality. Lao Yang is also responsible for the training of the team.

"If you give up, you will gain." He said, "I may be able to earn more by doing sales by myself, but only by cultivating a team and allowing more people to have a better future can I achieve my career."