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170 Steelwell Rd #200, Brampton, ON

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Puneet Gill Real Estate Broker

If there’s anything that Puneet Gill takes pride in knowing, it’s Real Estate! Puneet is a seasoned salesperson with 8+ years of combined sales experience in the financial services and real estate industry. Although she didn’t get a formal education from OREA College until she turned 23, she has played an active role in the world of Real Estate since the age of 17.

Puneet’s main focus is to sell income-generating cash flow positive properties for her investor clients. In fact, 60% of all Real Estate that Puneet has sold has been investment properties to repeat investor clients. Puneet is a strong advocate for educating and inspiring others to ensure a financially successful and secure future with the help of Real Estate. She also helps her GTA-based clients find their dream luxury homes.

In July 2021, Puneet became a Real Estate Broker after completing two successful years. Academically, Puneet has graduated with the Master of Management degree from the Schulich School of Business with a specialization in Entrepreneurship.

She excels in managing growing businesses by using marketing strategies and management techniques taught at one of the best business schools in Canada. What sets Puneet apart are her marketing skills.

Puneet has launched a public Instagram page to educate and inspire her audience using educational content, blog posts, market news and updates, sales posts, etc. 
Keeping up with the world becoming smarter and technologically advanced, Puneet uses Instagram to advertise her listings to get the maximum exposure and appeal to today’s buyers. Understanding the needs of her clients,

Puneet puts an unmatched level of effort into providing excellent customer service and professionalism while helping her clients with some of the biggest transactions of their lives.

“Where there is a Gill, there is a way”.