Public Choice Realty Inc., Brokerage

Real estate agency in Markham, Ontario

7393 Markham Rd #88, Markham, ON L3S 0B5

(905) 471-1181

Public Choice Realty Inc, Brokerage

About Us

Public Choice Realty is a grassroots movement based in Markham, ON.

The Co-Founders of this organization have envisioned a Business Model founded on principles of Customer Service, Honesty, and Integrity.

Combining their collective industry experience, they have envisioned an All-In-One Business model that encompasses a Real Estate Brokerage, Mortgage Brokerage, and Law Firm.

Through this model, it is the goal of the organization to provide a customer oriented and cost effective service that will save consumers from the hardships involved in dealing with various people for services that generally intertwine.

Public Choice Realty Inc., Brokerage is a Member of the Toronto Real Estate Board and is Licensed under the Real Estate Business Brokers Act 2002.

Our Vision

As we move towards our goal of being the GTA's most Consumer Centric Real Estate Brokerage, we envision the integration of our services into an All-In-One Business model comprising of our Real Estate Brokerage, Mortgage Brokerage, Law firm, and Property Management Company. Through this model, we will provide a streamlined system by consolidating services typically rendered by various Agents and Institutions in order to complete a Real Estate Transaction. By coupling all of these intertwining services and further providing them under one roof, our system removes third parties from the transaction and enables us to provide our Clientele with a reliable, independent, highly efficient, cost effective, and customer focused service.

Our Mission:

As a Real Estate Brokerage, our services cater to both Residential and Commercial property Markets. Our Clients and Customers comprise of First-time Home Buyers, Buyers and Sellers for both Residential resale and new sale, Investors, and Business owners. We are dedicated to providing Consumers with the highest level of satisfaction by providing a seamless Real Estate Transaction. We have entered the Real Estate Market in order to create a significant shift in the Real Estate paradigm in favour the consumer. Our mandate is to provide a highly efficient, cost effective, and consumer oriented service.