Ivan Kalinin - Toronto Realtor

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184 Front St E Unit #402, Toronto, ON M5A 4N3

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Ivan Kalinin - Toronto Realtor

About KTRE

I live for the process of planning, preparing and educating clients on the real estate market. This helps you make an informed decision and feel satisfied with your purchase, so much so that you will brag about it to your friends.

In order to make myself stand out of the crowd of 55,000+ GTA realtors, I established a one-stop-shop solution for my clients to accommodate all their needs in a transaction.

Real estate transaction is a complex matter with many moving parts, so aside from helping my clients get top dollar for their properties through my extensive marketing efforts, I am also closely involved in a phase that follows the transaction going firm – all the way until the closing.

My fantastic team of handpicked professionals will decorate, provide legal advice and help with financing your deal. I am very proud of the service I provide and am excited to start working with you!