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Photographer in Mississauga, Ontario




Thanks For Stopping By!

We're Cassie and Liam - a husband and wife dream team who loves to capture world class moments of you and your favourite person! We absolutely love shooting both Photography and Film, because we can work our creativity in unique ways between them.

When we're not holding camera equipment, you can usually find us playing Candyland with our 7 and 3 year old daughters, driving around town to after school activities, or having a cozy movie night with lots of munchies! Oh, and life as busy parents and a busy business, CALLS FOR COFFEE - A LOT OF IT!

We're sure you'll be quite pleased when you see what we've put together for our past and current couples! Finding the perfect match for your wedding day is key! We don't believe it's JUST about giving you edited photos and a video to watch, it's also very much about the relationship between you and us! We take pride in our work just as much as we take pride in the way we're able to connect with our brides and grooms before the wedding day, during, and even afterwards. Do you know how many times we have heard: "I feel like we've known each other for years" - which is great! It shouldn't be this awkward situation. You should, and will, experience full circle trust with us, and also definitely have a laugh or two! We are pretty fun!

As we embark into 2020 (which will be our 9th season in business), we gain a deeper appreciation for relationships between two people. Stay tuned with us and let's connect to start this beautiful journey!