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Tom Gasparec- Axiom Mortgage Solutions

About Us

We work for you, not the lenders.

We save you money on your mortgage.

Best of all our Expert advice & service is FREE .

Our Mission is to empower our clients with industry leading expertise,

 education, innovation and lender choice which in turn creates the most exceptional 

and truly unique mortgage experience possible.

Our Promise to You

Avoid mortgage Penalties that are thousands of dollars higher than they appear.

  Avoid Payment Shock with Rising rates.  

Avoid "Hand Cuff" Collateral Mortgages which have higher costs.  

BRRRR strategy using Real Estate as a wealth building tool while sharing with you our own experiences and expertise as we are also active investors!

Lifetime mortgage management, we are with you from start until finish when you receive your keys and beyond. Then we help manage your mortgage until you pay it off!

  The intrinsic value of a Lifetime Mortgage Management system cannot be understated. 

It is the pillar of our client's long-term success and wealth. It is what ensures that our clients save thousands in interest and penalties over a lifetime, not just the term of the mortgage.  

Above all, it is a system to accelerate the payoff of your mortgage AND a tool to help leverage the power of your equity to build, expand, protect and preserve your wealth.

 We help manage our client's real estate wealth today and for future generations!