SLC Innovations Inc

Landscaper in Ottawa, Ontario


2820 Harbison Rd, Ottawa, ON K0A 2Z0

(613) 355-2293

SLC Innovations Inc

About Us

SLC Innovations is a family owned with great values and SLC was created for our daughter that is affected by CMT. 2% of our sales gets donated every year to the MS foundation in order to find cures for rare diseases.

Our family‘s vision was to have a way to give back to the community by working with wood and working outdoors and providing services that the homeowner needs at reasonable prices backed with quality work using only quality subcontractors and quality in-house employees.

The entire management team and SLC is incredibly detail oriented down to the last piece of stone in a beautiful garden for example.

During the winter season SLC innovation focusses on commercial Snow Removal as well as residential Snow Removal in the town of Richmond. In the summer we focus on interlock installation, the occasional sod job, decks fences pergolas and very important driveway sealer.

SLC’s philosophy is you don’t need to be big to deliver the best product, the best quality, we are fully transparent in everything that we do. SLC is very happy with its team of 12 employees during summer months and 5 during the winter months.