M&S Landscaping Design And Build Inc.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services in Toronto, Ontario



302-190 Borough Dr. Scarborough, ON M1P0B6

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M&S Landscaping Design And Build Inc.

About Us

We may apparently seem by our name as a mere Landscape Design and Build Company, but that is not exactly true, we are much more than a mere landscape design and build company, we share your dreams, aspirations, wants and needs, surrounding your lovely nest you so adorably call home. We work on materializing your dreams, with empathy, understanding, love and above all dedication. All this is made possible through our long experience in the industry with most competent people onboard with us.

M&S landscape design and build company is based in Toronto. We have been in the business for over 15 year's. We specialize in natural stone & custom build interlock and creating your dream garden. We also specialize in all types of landscaping services, sealing and repairing of existing interlock, custom build fences, gates, gazebos and sheds.