Valencia Jewellery

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3038 Hurontario St #8, Mississauga, ON L5B 3B9


Valencia Jewellery

About Us

When you come into Valencia Jewellery, it does not matter to us where you come from, how much money or lack of you have; we are going to treat you with respect, dignity and candidness. That's the Valencia way.

Let us be your doorway into the wild and exciting world of Jewellery. A place where gold flows out of the workshops like water, to dress the skin of almost everyone you know and love.

This website contains a unique 30 year collection of fine jewelry. Each piece is carefully inspected and restored to a state that will leave you wondering how you acquired such a beautiful piece at such an un-common value.

Take a stroll through our world of jewellery. Jewels attained through hard work and honesty.

We hope to do business with you soon.