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Kutum Immigration & Legal Services

About Us

Kutum Legal Services is a multidiscipline practice based in Mississauga, Canada. Faris Kutum is guided by his commitment to professionalism, ethics, and belief that all people should have access to top quality legal assistance as they create better lives for themselves and their families.

Faris Kutum is insured and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario (formally known as Law Society of Upper Canada)and in good standing. Kutum Legal Services is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client; with years of legal training and experience in handling diverse and complex legal matters. Kutum Legal Services understands that every matter is different and yet unique in its own way.

Kutum Legal Services’ reputation and success have been predicated on exceptional service, confidentiality and satisfaction. Highly motivated and experienced Faris Kutum welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your specific needs and/or questions. Clients interest and confidentiality will be taken care in the utmost professional and loyal way.

Facing legal issues is a difficult and stressful time for anyone. It does not matter what the legal issue you are facing — Money, Property Damage, Breach of Contract, Unpaid Rent, or any other legal problems at Faris Kutum has the knowledge and experience to make sure your rights are protected.

Whether it’s helping you recover damages due to a breach of contract, protecting your rights in a consumer related dispute, guiding you in resolving a landlord and tenant dispute, fighting for your rights in highway traffic act offenses, defending you from a lawsuit, Kutum Legal Services is committed to advocating for your rights.