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SW Serenity Wellness Inc

How did Serenity come to be?

During the first 10 years of her practice, Stephanie Mead, Founder/RMT observed on numerous occasions, incidents of emotional release with physical tissue manipulation while working with people who had sustained a trauma (primarily PTSD, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and other traumatic events.) She began researching into the effects of tissue manipulation and trauma, and discovered this has already been successfully combined with Cranio- Sacral Therapy and Acupuncture, but there was not much research into Massage Therapy as an intervention for helping with Trauma. This dynamic new approach culminated in the realization of Serenity.

Who do we hope to help?

Anyone who has experienced a trauma: chronic pain, or suffers with mental illness. Whether it be PTSD, Anxiety, Depression or others, if you suffer the negative effects of physical injury or illness. Our desire is to help you "Find Your Serenity".