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Orbit Renovations

Why Choose Orbit Renovations?

Our Role:

Orbit Renovations is trying to change the way the industry operates. As general contractors, our role here at Orbit Renovations is to bring our experience, Knowledge, Network of players into one project to make your vision come to life. We also bring project management into the mix to ensure your project is on track, On budget, and exactly what you wanted.

Changing The Industry:

The most common thing in the industry is unexpected charges, No timeline, and no communication. With Orbit Renovations, our job is to align all the necessary contractors, information, Documents, Budgets and ensure your project is completed and communicated every step of the way.


The word "Subcontractors" is a very well-known word within the industry. Most subcontractors are found in a pinch and don't necessarily carry the credentials needed for the job. Orbit Renovations ensures that all Subcontractors that are used carry their own liability insurance, Licensing and are actually under contract with Orbit Renovations.


Hiring a general contractor (Orbit Renovations) covers you for any legal/liability incidences. Orbit has healthy & safety implemented into their business and has occasional meetings with their rep to continue improving health & safety. Orbit also carried 2 million dollar liability insurance. They take all the risk of the work being performed and if a worker happens to get injured onsite.


Working with orbit renovations we act as your single point of contact for the entirety of the project. We oversee every aspect of the project, as well as have a complete grasp on the scope , Timeline and budget of the project and will keep you informed throughout the entire process. Whenever you have a question, you will know exctly who to call.