Money In Motion Inc.

Equipment Leasing in Sudbury, Ontario

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Money In Motion Inc.

About Us


Money in Motion is a financial services company that caters to businesses who rely on heavy equipment to get the job done. Unlike traditional financial institutions, we understand the unique financing challenges you face and we’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure that you get the capital you need to put your revenue-generating equipment on the road.


Our services are perfect for anyone who needs to purchase equipment for construction, forestry, long or short haul trucking, towing, snow-removal, hydro-excavation work, the oil and gas industry, you name it! If you need heavy equipment to finish a project, then Money in Motion can get you the help you need. Whether you’re a sole proprietor with one truck, or you’ve got a whole fleet of trucks and you need a piece of specialized equipment to finish a contract, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.