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Future Solutions

About Us

Future Solutions is an established full service Solar Energy Company near Parry Sound, Ontario that sells and installs Green Energy systems. We are a registered company that is fully insured to protect our customers’ interests.

Traditionally, we have focused on the Solar Energy market and are very determined to provide our customers with the best energy solutions available to them. We have engineers available to analyze and design systems that meet your needs, as well as professional installers and electricians who are experienced in the renewable energy field. We have partnered with Sentinel Solar and Canadian Energy to provide you with superior equipment for the best prices available in the province.

We at Future Solutions believe that the future of Energy Independence begins now.

With electricity prices skyrocketing, we are convinced that Net Metering will replace traditional energy services as we presently know them. In the very near future we will also be able to provide breakthrough technology for the Combined Heat and Electricity (CHP) market making the use of the grid obsolete.

We are experienced in FIT, Micro FIT, net metering and Off Grid applications. Our expert engineers, installers and electricians will be sure to provide a system for your house or cottage that meets all your energy needs at very competitive pricing.

Save money every month! Eliminate soaring domestic hourly rates, delivery charges, debt retirement charges and applicable HST. Take steps now to become energy independent. Call us to find out how.