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Address: 116 Viceroy Rd Building B Unit 15, Vaughan, ON L4K 2M1

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VIP Classic Crown Moulding, Trim, Wainscotting

& Pot Lights Services

Established in 2001 in Toronto, VIP Classic Crown Moulding has developed into a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing not only ceiling designs and Moulding installation but design and installation of Potlights, Hardwood, MDF trim work, Wainscoting, painting and full basement finishing and remodelling. The team of VIP Classic Moulding is Five-star rated crown moulding company that committed to their customers. From design to implementation VIP Classic Moulding experts ensure client needs come first, and provide knowledge and experience to help get the most out of available budget. They deliver highest level of expertise and craftsmanship on any budget small or big and always achieve excellent results.


VIP Classic Moulding is the ONLY company that offers 10 year warranty on products and services.

We bring top QUALITY products and our installation services meet the highest standards.

No Damages or Mess to your home when our job is completed.

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