Champion Dental Hygiene

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22 Sunrise Dr, Kitchener, ON N2B 3B4

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Champion Dental Hygiene

About Us

BJ Champion has served for over 35+ years as a registered dental hygienist and has gained a reputation for her gentle touch, caring nature, expertise, and positive professional attitude.

In launching Champion Dental Hygiene, BJ's passion is to bring prevention, education, beautiful smiles, and confidence to her clients and her community.

BJ believes in making a dental cleaning trip just as comfortable as staying at home. That's why she sees all her clients in her professional home treatment office.

Don't sacrifice quality or experience when you choose Champion Dental Hygiene. BJ stocks all the latest tools and technology, and provides the same standard of care that you'd receive from any dental office.

Don’t feel cooped up—right outside the clinic is an outdoor waiting space that you can enjoy in season… we want your visit to feel like a home away from home.