Stamped Engineering Corporation

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Stamped Engineering Corporation

About Us

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and technologists have industry and field experience from a variety of fields such as engineering, hazard analysis, design, and code analysis. Our technical skillset includes Senior Industry Engineering Professionals in 30+ years experience in: Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Process, Project Management, Procurement, Stress Analysis, Forensic & Root Cause Analysis, Risk Assessments, Equipment & System Design Analysis, Documentation Production, 3d/4D Modelling and Design, and Instrumentation and Controls. Our team is uniquely exceptional in providing expert testimonials and subject matter declarations to assist legal professionals. Our forensic engineering skills are necessary for root cause analysis and support clients in a variety of applications. We also prepare technical reports and documentation to convey engineering and design assessment details for evidentiary support. We assist clients with product design and patent development in addition to many other aspects of the patenting process.