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About Us

Our Founder, Bruce Baker holds a Master’s in Industrial Psychology and is a behavioural business strategist, coach, and change agent. He brings to you a wide-ranging skillset in business operational design, planning, and execution, with significant success in leveraging the only growing capital asset a business has-- its people.

With almost 23 years of experience working with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of industries, Bruce focuses on working closely with anyone from new entrepreneurs, to business owners, to CEOs, helping them all with the geometric growth of their businesses.

Workplaces came to be based on the following reasons:

96% of small businesses (1-99 employees) fail after 1-year || 85% after 3-years || 70% fail after 5-years

Small businesses cannot afford the expertise of world-class expertise.

Information and expertise provided do not provide the tangible results small businesses need to survive and beat the odds.