House of Angelis

Women's Retail Boutique in Kingston, Ontario

65, Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L 1R8

(613) 549-0511`


House of Angelis

About Us

It began in September of 2003 with the first of the three boutiques, Cybil Scott. Owner Maria Angelis had just arrived back from London, England where she had been vice president for a beauty and fashion PR company, Belle PR. Though she was a born fashionista, her time in London had turned her passion for fashion into an obsession! At age six-teen Maria got her first part-time job as the “Saturday girl” at Cybil Scott. She continued working there throughout her time at Queen’s University and over dinner one night some 10 years later she bought the boutique which had been a Kingston institution for over 20 years. On September 3rd of that year armed with her impeccable sense of fashion, a dream and her mother Vaso, a fashion diva if ever one existed, the pair opened the doors and welcomed in the ladies of Kingston.