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GTA Caterer | Catering Service Mississauga | Personal Chef

About Us

A passion for cooking and a desire to provide locals with a catering company Toronto would fall in love with was all it took for GTA Caterer to come to life! With a location in Mississauga and clients located all over the GTA, head chef Ivan Bodnar has been providing the people of Toronto with creative dishes and high quality cuisine for years. At GTA Caterer we believe that great meals come from great chefs, which is why we make sure that each dish we provide our clients with is prepared with high quality ingredients and an unmatched attention to detail. You’d be hard pressed to find a Toronto caterer who gives more love and attention to his dishes than our very own Ivan Bodnar!

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Ivan Bodnar – Toronto Caterer, Owner of GTA Caterer .

Ivan Bodnar has come a long way from setting up tables at banquet halls to operating his own kitchen and business. His passion for cooking started way back when he was a little kid, creating dishes out of anything he could find at his grandparents farm. The love for food also came from his father, who was a chef at the military base during his time in the army. Incredible talent and a passion for cooking helped Ivan succeed during his time at culinary school where he learned new ways and techniques of cooking.

After graduating with honors and multiple job offers, Ivan spent years of working in the industry. He then took the knowledge he gained from working with talented chefs and teachers, and applied it in his own kitchen when GTA Caterer was born. He’ll never stop surprising his clients with delicious dishes and new ideas as long as there is fresh produce and a kitchen to cook in!